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Top Resources to Teach Music Theory

23 Dec 2020

Top Resources to Teach Music Theory


By Fer Olivares


If you want to understand the mechanics of music, you will have to learn music theory. At first, music theory may come across as alien and challenging, but it will help you understand each tune's structure much better. Besides, learning music theory is the next big step to move forward as a musician.

Music theory focuses on the essential facets of music and offers a sophisticated system for amateur and professional musicians to brainstorm and communicate their musical ideas. Fortunately, there are more than enough intuitive online learning tools and websites that can help you get a good grasp of music theory.


Why Music Theory Matters?

Music theory, at its core, helps musicians to read, review, and perform music. Without a good understanding of music theory, you cannot create accurate music compositions. Some of the music theory components include clefs, pitch, notes, rhythm, tuning, keys, scales, staff, meter, and symbols.

If youre ready to get started, lets take a look at some online resources to learn music theory:

The majority of music lessons on are quite straightforward. The site uses perceptive diagrams and illustrations at the top right corner of the screen. If you want to take one step at a time and learn music theory step-by-step, is arguably the best option for you.

In short, you will get a summarized text in the form of an illustration. You can review the main points from the illustration and make a few notes at a time.  If youre always on the go, you can use the sites app to learn music theory and take other music lessons.



Skoove has become one of the most popular and compatible piano learning tool. It uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning difficulty for learners. The app also comes with a selection of songs, hand techniques, and music theory basics, such as arpeggios and piano scales.

It is undoubtedly the most cost-effective and efficient app to learn to play the piano. You can hook up a digital keyboard to get started and dive into the resourceful music information. Whether you have a music background or want to start from scratch, Skoove is an excellent portal to learn the piano and master music theory.



EarMaster is another valuable resourceful site that contains some of the best music lessons and music theory information online. If you solely want to learn music theory, EarMaster serves as a great option. EarMaster has over 30 individual lessons that allow learners to get in-depth insights into music theory.

In no time, you will be able to name triads and figure out basic clefs. It also offers various activities to test your knowledge about different aspects of music theory. And most importantly, EarMaster is designed to keep you interested throughout the music theory lessons.



Yes, Udemy contains music theory lessons for learners. The reputable presence of Udemy makes most learners comfortable to take online lessons from thousands of available instructors. In fact, you can find experienced and professional music courses that contain more than music theory lessons.

Udemy is a useful online platform to find a wide variety of courses related to music fundamentals. Another highlight of Udemy is that you can find courses in the language you want to learn.

For instance, you can find a selection of courses that combine music theory, music appreciation, music production, and music composition lessons in multiple languages. Furthermore, you can even find sound editing and mixing courses to advance your music knowledge and career.



Artistworks offers music theory, music production, and music appreciation lessons. However, its approach is relatively different from most online apps and sites. Learners get access to the lessons on demand from experienced musicians.

Once you upload one or more videos through ArtistworksVideo Exchange Learning, you will receive personalized messages from your instructor. But thats not the end of it; your videos are shared for other learners to review and comment on.

Once the discussion on your videos starts, it will help you form a better perspective about your progress. Most learners, however, prefer the long-term subscription of Artistworks. With an extended subscription, you can back and save soundtracks without a limit. But so long as you subscribe to Artistworks, you will receive music theory lessons for free.


Berklee Shares

Berklee Shares is more of an online library to share and review music information. It is an initiative of Berklee College of Music, which is one of the best educational institutes in the U.S. Berklee Shares consists of many helpful music resources, including music theory.

However, only students of Berklee College can access the entire Berklee Sharesmusic resources. As an outsider, you can still get free courses and samples of music theory lessons. Its a great place to start because the quality of the content is significantly higher.


One Minute Music Lesson

If you want to brief music lessons, One Minute Music Lesson offers the most concise and short music theory lessons. The topic you want to learn will have two minutes of text summary and main points. Today, not everyone wants to spend hours on music theory lessons. One Minute Music Lesson is a resourceful site where you can spend a few minutes each day to learn music theory.




Once you understand the fundamentals of music theory, you can compose music with more confidence. If youre starting out or merely curious as a musician, music theory is more than an academic practice. It turns music composition into a detailed crossword puzzle.

In fact, most musicians insist that learning music theory was the best thing they did to advance their careers. But even if you dont want to learn without a music career in mind, you can learn music theory and understand the structure of the composition better.

And you dont have to pay for an expensive in-person class or instructor; online websites contain all the information you will need to get the hang of music theory. When it comes to learning music theory from online resources, it might take some time to apply the theoretical concepts into practice. Eventually, you will be able to use the music theory in your music sessions.




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